At the age of 33 I had finally understood what was going on with me. My mental health had been in the way and I could not see it. The fear of shame had paralyzed me. I studied, worked a lot, broke off one study and started a new one. I simply did not get ahead, there were many reasons for that but the source of the whole dilemma was beyond my comprehension. Everything was very chaotic and in the chaos it was very difficult to see who I really am, what I really want. What do I want to do for a living? What am I really really good at?

I have tried many things to control this chaos and can say that the chaos has cleared a bit. Every day I get one step closer to the answer and on some days I move two steps away, but that is okay and part of the process. I work on myself every day and hope to inspire others to get to the bottom of their true destiny and to refuse to be unhappy.

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